1.18-32 years of age;
2. Junior high school and junior high school above culture;
3. Be familiar with QC seven gimmick and sampling inspection process, can be to deal with abnormal;
4. Familiar with Word, Excell and other office software;
5. A sense of responsibility, can finish the superior arrange tasks.


Security staff


1, male, 25 to 50 years old, junior high school or above;
2, responsible for the company's entrance guard management and other duties assigned by the superior;
3, can bear hardships and stand hard work, strong execution, obey the arrangement.



women   over the age of 23


1, English spoken language expression ability;
2, familiar with basic business reception etiquette;
3, good at communication, strong executive ability, learning to accept ability;

Job Description:

1, business Ministry of foreign mail translation and communication;
2, to assist the general manager, business manager do foreign guests reception work, the company basic introduction, product introduction, patent technology introduced;
3, e-commerce platform to use and manage (can be in the business of professional training and learning qualified posts)
, assigned by superior other temporary matters.

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